Our Response to COVID-19

As we are all aware, the coronavirus pandemic has come to stay and is not going out anytime soon. Although the government has not lost sight of its purpose, fulfilling it has become exponentially difficult to control. It has brought many countries to a standstill. It’s an unimaginable and uncommon world-class disease outbreak that originated from China and now has resulted in more active cases in the USA. It has made many businesses to shut down and come to a complete hurt. Actually, most of them are operating at less than a full capacity. Besides, with remote schooling, many people are taking precautions to prevent the rapid spread, transmission, and recurrence of the disease, thereby, invoking many healthcare institutions, like CDC and other advocacy organizations, to offer a helping hand.

Unimaginably, the outbreak came as a surprise to everyone. It has become a global concern that affected the lives of many people all around the world. Much of the global population and places still remain socially isolated for the sake of minimizing and preventing the spread of the disease. Similarly, it has potentially created enormous setbacks and has impacted the health of many women, children, and adolescents, which could reverse decades of progress in the poorest countries.

At Goodluck Insurance, our company has responded to COVID-19 and has taken the lives, health, and safety of our employees and customers seriously. We have taken precautions at the highest level of our priorities. As we provide non-essential services to the public, we are overly concerned and committed to being there when our customers, colleagues, and partners need us most.

Here’s How We Are Responding

Today, nearly half of our employees are working from home. And for those who couldn’t do that, in the event, we’re providing personal protection protocols and equipment to mitigate and fight against this dangerous disease among our visiting clients. We advise people to refrain from shaking hands, kissing, and hugging for the safety of their loved ones, family members, and the broader community, as these measures will help us defeat this global pandemic. We are working to keep them safe as well as our employees. We are still open to provide services to the public with precaution and working in a limited capacity in the performance of our duty.

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